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  • How Your “Smart” Phone Makes You Dumb!

    Boost your situational awareness and avoid distractions from your phone with simple strategies. Preventative measures can save you from learning the hard way. Don’t just dodge distractions—focus for safety.

  • Situational Awareness in a New Environment

    To effectively assess potential threats in unfamiliar situations, it's essential to observe and understand the reactions of the local people.
  • Protect Your Home from a Break-In!

    Quick tips on how to protect your home and family from a break-in. Covering everything from cameras to lighting to dogs!

  • My Run In with a Grizzly

    Camping deep in the Montana wilderness means you’ve got to be prepared for grizzlies and mountain lions. I’ll never forget the first time I stumbled on a grizzly. Whoa!

  • Ancient Civilizations

    One of cool things I like about my Coaching Squad is that we discuss topics I’m never asked about on the average podcast—like ancient civilizations!
  • How I Started Going to the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    Every year I make the long trek out to the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and I’ve been doing this for nearly a quarter century. It all started when I was in special forces. Here’s the story.

  • My 2023 Trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness

    Just got back from my 2023 trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I took a camera with me so I can show you some highlights. Check it out.

  • Hiking & Footwear

    Some helpful tips on forwarding rivers and streams when you're doing serious hiking, as I do yearly in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
  • Create a Legacy by Doing Things Differently

    I’ve always strived to be a ground-breaker in the areas of firearms, tactical, and fitness training. This is how we should all be: looking for ways to do things differently and challenge ourselves.

  • Stress & Mental Well-Being

    Stress is destructive. We all know that, but how are we managing it? Then, we have to also maintain our mental well-being. Here’s how you can start to address both.

  • The Danger of Being Comfortable

    I was in the military since I was 18, so I always had job security, but when I became a civilian, that all changed when in 2010 I was laid off and suddenly without employment. I was about to learn how dangerous being comfortable was.
  • How I Like to Relax

    People say they “work hard and play hard,” but don’t forget to relax hard too! For me, the key to relaxing hard is not having a guilty conscience, and you only get one if you don’t put out during the day.