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  • Training in the Transverse Plane with Resistance Bands

    In the transverse plane lives life-saving and ass-kicking, so if you want prevail in life, then train in this plane of motion!

  • How to Tie a Prusik Knot

    Prusik knots are great anchor points, and they’re often used for climbing, ziplining, rescue and more. These knots are highly functional, but if like learning knots, this a good one to know.

  • How to Make a Great Apple Pie

    I love to bake, and I make a whopping big apple pie. You’ll love it. Make one for the holidays. Here’s how I do it.

  • Different Ways to Start a Fire

    It’s always helpful to know how to start a fire. Here are a few ways to try.

  • How to Make a Paiute Deadfall

    I use a Paiute deadfall whenever I travel deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This is not theory. I actually use these traps successfully. Check it out!

  • Some of My Drawings

    Just a few of my hand drawn illustrations where I use the pointillism technique.

  • Stockpiling for Emergencies

    Here are just a few ideas for prepping your home for emergencies or natural disasters.

  • Marriage, Family & Self-Reliance

    Teaching people to be self-reliant is a big part of what I do, and understanding the importance of marriage and family is vital to the great experiment of self-government.

  • It’s Like the 1960s All Over Again

    We’re living in a similar time to that of the 1960s when Fred Rogers launched “Mister Rogers Neighborhood,” but in many ways, the challenges we face in relation to kids are even greater.

  • Assembly and Review of a Nemo Tent

    I do serious camping, and a good tent is essential to me, and my latest find is serving me well. Check out this Nemo tent.

  • Social Media, Kids & Basic Dude Stuff

    I never thought I’d have the sort of impact I’m having on kids and family, but that is becoming more a part of my mission as I watch what’s happening organically on social media. Basic Dude Stuff has brought me to new places and people.

  • Stay Organized with White Boards

    I use three different white boards in my house, and I do this for a specific reason. It’s one of the habits I learned in special operations that I still use today.